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At The Beat, we have a strong passion for not only traditional exercise methods, but dance as a means of fitness. It is a social, engaging way of staying fit and active. At our studio we offer kids latin dance, ladies latin fusion courses and wedding dance choreography and lessons.  

Both founders of The Beat, Alyona and Ivailo, are professional dancers who since retiring from competition, are dedicating their time to training the next generation of ballroom dancers. Below is a selection of their accreditations and achievements. 


  • Registered with World Dance Council 

  • WDC Adjudicators Licence


  • Top 9 at the WDC European Professional Latin-American Dance Championship

  • Top 6 at the Blackpool Rising Star Dance Festival

  • Top 15 at the Blackpool Dance Festival

  • Second place in the WDC World Showdance Championship

  • First Place Bulgarian National Championships

  • Semi finalists UK Championship


If you would like to try ballroom dance, please contact us or whatsapp +852 5721 3000.

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