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Let us introduce ourselves - Ivailo Tonchev and Alyona Zarnitsyna

We are Ballroom dancers and we love dance in all its forms. As competitors we travelled the world to learn, perform. Now the time has come for us to share our knowledge with you.

Being Professionals registered through the World Dance Council we competed at many prestigious events around the globe. In our active dance career we have achieved quite a few accomplishments together as a couple or even dancing with different partners before. To name a few would be top 9 at the WDC European Professional Latin-American Dance Championships, top 6 at the Blackpool Rising Star Dance Festival, or 2 place in the WDC World Showdance Championship.

Now that we are not competing anymore our dance career has evolved to another level. We share our knowledge with couples and beginner dancers and have acquired WDC Adjudicators license and judge at different competitions around the world.

We love teaching dancing just as much as we love dancing ourselves. Our favorite way to show the art of dance is through creating showcases for ourselves and also for the ones we teach.


Hi, I'm Alyona


My name is Alyona Zarnitsyna and I come all the way from Siberia, Russia. This is where I first started dancing when I was a little girl. Winning all local major competitions soon I realized that I needed to pursue my dream to become a really great dancer somewhere else. And one day I moved to Moscow where dancing was and still is so much more popular and gave me the opportunities I could only dream of. 

Years of hard practice followed as I traveling around the world competing with top couples at top dance events – the Blackpool Dance Festival, UK Championship where I made it to 2 place at the Rising Stars event, or the WDC European Championship where I took the 9th place.

A great milestone of my dance career was meeting my last dance partner who would one day become my future husband! Dancing with Ivailo Tonchev was all I had been preparing for! We won the Bulgarian National Championships and were among top couples at the Kremlin Cup, the European Championships, Blackpool Dance Festival and many more! 

The skills acquired through my dance career as a top ranked latin-american competitor and further enhanced through teaching & adjudicating are the fundamentals for the profound understanding of the latin-american dance in its diverse forms.



I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and started dancing when I was 7. It all began just as a hobby once a week and gradually I realized dancing has become a great part of my life.

After a few years of learning the basics I started competing. The thrill and excitement that I received from competitions made me practice even harder and soon I was achieving better and better results. As youth me and my partner became Bulgarian Youth Latin-American Champions and then later in my adult years we got the title of Bulgarian Amateur Latin-American Champions.

It was during the years as an amateur competitor when I started attending competitions not only in Bulgaria but abroad as well. There was England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, France, Romania, Denmark…My greatest achievement as amateur I dare to consider the top 12 at the World Latin in Austria in 2002. It was not only my personal best result but as well as Bulgaria’s highest ranked couple of all times.

Later came the years as a Professional dancer. There has been a lot of practice and perfection and yet I felt there was more to achieve. I competed not only in Europe but as well in Asia – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China. We travelled a lot following our coaches in Russia, England and Hong Kong. I became the Bulgarian Professional Latin-American Champion for the first time in 2005 giving us the right to represent Bulgaria at the Worlds and European championships. Gaining the title of World South American Showdance Vice Champions in Italy, 2005 is unanimously the best thing that has happened to me…Feeling the silver medal around my neck was perhaps the sweetest weight I had to bare putting a culminate milestone in my dance career. We also made the semi final of one of the most prestigious competitions in the dance world – the United Kingdom Championship in Bournemouth, England as well as top 15 at the Blackpool Dance Festival – the Mecca of the dancers.

Along with competing and practicing I have always loved to teach.


More than 15 years of teaching experience in Bulgaria, Russia and Hong Kong made me realize how great it is to share my knowledge with younger or less skilled dancers. Along with tutoring comes examination – this is where my World Dance Council license of adjudicator comes in hand. Now I have come to a point when judging the performance of other dancers makes me feel, love and understand dancing even deeper and more profoundly!

Dancing is magic, it enchants you, enriches you and makes you a better person!

Hi, I'm Ivailo

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