Lose Weight Without Losing Your Social Life

Health Talk with Tatiana Kuvardina - Eating Behaviour Specialist and Transformational Holistic Health Coach

* Have you ever declined a party invitation because you were on a diet?

* How many times did you break a promise to yourself because your partner or a friend offered to share a dish with them?

* Do you come back from visiting your parents carrying extra kilos?

Many of us want to eat healthier, but struggling to stick to healthy choices when eating with a family, friends, colleagues or clients.

Do you feel that you have to choose between eating healthy or enjoying your social life?

If yes, then join Tatiana Kuvardina, Eating Behaviour Specialist and Transformational Health Coach (and social butterfly) for this FREE Health Talk and:

* Find out why willpower isn't the answer.

* Discover the real issues that get in the way of you enjoying eating healthy in social situations.

* Learn easy and effective strategies for dealing with triggers so you can eat better and still enjoy your social life.


*please reserve your spot through the online schedule or our mobile app.




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